Tenwek Hospital

The Crognales
Tenwek: We Treat ~ Jesus Heals
Tenwek Hospital is a Christian community that seeks to exemplify Christ in all aspects of what we do and we strongly believe that We Treat but Jesus ultimately Heals!

Drs. Dino and Janice Crognale met as teenagers, long before the thought of moving to Kenya entered their minds. They dated through high school and college and both entered medical school. Over time, God gave them a vision for being medical missionaries and they began the arduous task of preparing themselves. Along the way, they added three members to the family — Elizabeth, Isabella and Ben.

Dino and Janice now serve at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya. Tenwek  is a 300-bed hospital with a wide range of surgical, medical, maternity and pediatric services, and is one of the largest mission hospitals in Africa. It provides primary health care to 600,000 Kipsigis and Massai people within a 32 kilometer radius and serves as a referral center for a much larger region.

The hospital has a nursing school and its community health program serves as a model throughout the developing world. The sign at Tenwek’s front gate speaks for mission hospitals everywhere by boldly proclaiming to all, “We treat, Jesus heals.”

The Crognales are also involved in teaching and training young Kenyan doctors in both internship and Family Medicine Residency Program. Their goal is to help them learn not only to provide excellent medical care, but also to disciple them in their Christian walk and to help them see medicine as a way to share the love and the gospel of Christ.

New Colony helps to support the Crognales financially and sent a team in 2010 and again in 2014 to assist the Crognales at Tenwek and on Mfangano Island, located in Lake Victoria and the home of Gethsemane Garden Christian Center. GGCC is a Christian home and school for over 500 children, the majority of whom are orphaned due to the AIDs epidemic.