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God Empowered Living


By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on July 9, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series

When Problems Come

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on July 16, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
There are people who never are in the spotlight. Their names are not known much past family and friends. Yet God is at work in them and through them to advance the gospel. When we look at scripture there are plenty of those behind the scenes people. Joseph’s trials seemed to have sidelined him for life. Yet God had other plans for him. It is through Joseph’s hardships and problems in which God prepared him to play a pivotal role in God’s plan. Joseph realized God was at work in him. We learn that God will use our problems and hardships to teach and prepare us for his purposes. So what is God doing in your life as you face your own problems and challenges?

A Giant Problem

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on July 23, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
He was a menacing, threatening, loud, obnoxious, massive man. Standing 9 feet 9 inches tall he wore armor weighing 125 pounds. In the other corner the cowering Israelites. Every day Goliath challenged the Israelites to send out a man to fight him. Winner take all. Noone volunteered. Until David showed up. While everyone else focused on Goliath, David kept his focus on God and how God had been faithful to him in the past and he knew God would be faithful to him vs. Goliath. By God’s power Goliath falls to the ground dead from a rock shot by David. What are your giants that come out every morning and night defying you, threatening you, sending fear and panic to surge in you? Where do you turn? What can you do? Do what David did. Trust God. Keep in mind God’s faithfulness to act in your best interest. Keep your focus, not on the giant, but on God. Giants are in the land and in your life. But they are no match for our Lord Jesus.

A Heart of Gratitude

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on July 30, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
Jesus has dinner at Simon the Pharisees’s house. During the meal a lady know for prostitution comes in and starts washing and drying Jesus feet, kissing them and anoints them with expensive perfume. The host can’t believe Jesus is letting a prostitute touch him. Through a parable Jesus points out this woman is simply showing gratitude for Jesus forgiving all her sins and giving her a new life. Simon likes playing the religious rules keeping game. It’s easy to start trying to earn forgiveness and look down on those who don’t measure up religiously. Yet Jesus shows us radical, undeserved grace. The woman was grateful to Jesus for his acceptance of her. Simon was furious that a known sinner was allowed to touch Jesus. How about us? Do we try and convince God we deserve his forgiveness by what we do or don’t do? Are you trapped in religion when what you need is a relationship with Jesus?

Doing Your Faith

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on August 20, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
Mary, Martha and Lazarus throw a party for Jesus. Each has a role to play either during or after this dinner. Martha served, Mary worshiped and Lazarus shared how Jesus raised him from the dead. Each had a different but equally vital role. There were others at the meal, including the disciples. Judas would have been present. Which of these people do you identify with? Mary, who worshiped Jesus and spent prolonged periods of time in his presence always listening to the Master? Martha who was an excellent servant, always behind the scenes making sure all the fine details are taken care of? Maybe you relate to Lazarus who saw God to powerful work in his life and he loved to tell others about being called to life from the grave. We need the Mary’s, Martha’s and Lazarus’s in the local church. Different functions but all essential. Be careful that you don’t become a Judas, one who looks spiritual, talks spiritual but Jesus hasn’t transformed your heart. This message will encourage you to be the person God has created you to be through faith in Christ and to live authentically, passionately and sacrificially for Jesus.

Trusting God When It Doesn’t Make Sense

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on August 27, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
Jesus tells us You have to die in order to live.” What is the craziest thing you have ever done? In Matthew 19 Jesus tells a wealthy young ruler something crazy. The man asks what he needs to do to receive eternal life. Jesus tells him to sell all he owns and then follow our Lord. The man leaves because he wasn’t willing to give up his wealth. He wanted Jesus on his own terms. Jesus offers us a new life but we have to come on his terms. Following Jesus doesn’t make sense from the world’s point of view. Jesus tells us things like “you have to die to yourself in order to live; if you want to be first you must be the last; when others offend you instead of getting even you forgive them. Disciples of Jesus trust God when it doesn’t make sense to do so

Life Change

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on September 3, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
There are a lot of ideas about how you gain eternal life. World religions, with the exception of Christianity, says you do good, you try hard, you faithfully attend some kind of religious service regularly and hope you did enough. In Jesus day a leading religious leader approaches Jesus to ask how to obtain eternal life. The answer Jesus gives Nicodemus isn’t immediately understood by him. As they talk Jesus explains how to gain eternal life. It has nothing to do with human effort. It depends upon putting your trust only in Jesus Christ. There are many people searching for the meaning of life today. As Christians Jesus sends us out to share the hope of the gospel with them. Who do you know that needs to meet Jesus?

Walking With God

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on September 10, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
Walking with God. That’s what characterized Enoch’s life along with others in the scriptures. Their lives were laser focused on knowing God and serving Him even when it meant extreme persecution. It was their intimacy with God that allowed helped them remain faithful to Him. What about you? Are you daily walking with God?Do you spend time with Him each day? Enoch’s life was characterized by intimacy with God. His walk with the Lord was so strong that one day God just took him to heaven without dying. Tell God you want to walk intimately with Him, just as Enoch did.

Living God’s Way

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on September 17, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
What’s the craziest home remedy have you tried for a bad sunburn? Some home remedies work but others do not, like mixing baking soda with water and then smear it all over your back. Been there, done that. It doesn’t work! When it comes to God he invites everyone to come to him for salvation and new life. In 2 Kings a military leader comes down with leprosy. In desperation he goes from Syria to the Israelites hoping the prophet Elisha can help him. The cure is to dip 7 times in the river. Naaman doesn’t like it at first. But he ultimately dips seven times and is cured. God also tells us if you want a new life, home in heaven and his presence in you then you come to Him on his terms not yours. God says his love for you prompted him to send his only son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. In our day many believe if you are sincere then God will accept you whether you know Jesus or not. But that contradicts scripture which tells us there is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved. What is God speaking to you about? What next steps do you need to take? When you come to God on his terms, by faith in Jesus Christ, you experience the abundant life Jesus promised. You have the Holy Spirit working in you. But you have to come to God on his terms, just like Nathan did.

Call on God

By Dr. Phil Wilkes () on September 24, 2017 as part of the God Empowered Living series
A man named Jabez (his name means “pain” or “hardship”) calls out to God with specific requests. His prayer is very different from the name and claim it prosperity gospel preachers. This message examines the 4 requests of Jabez as he calls out for God to work in his life. It’s implied in the text that Jabez was a man of prayer. It seems that he already walks with God. He makes prayer his first resort, not his last. Jabez wants to be able to serve God, have greater influence for God with other people and asks God to remove those things that could hinder his effective service to God. It’s a picture of one man putting himself in God’s hands trusting God to do good work in his life.